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Who is Watching Video On Their Mobile Phones?

Motorola-DroidIn a previous post, I had shared my Youtube Insight Analytics data as  anecdotal proof that I had noticed an increasing number of viewers accessing my Youtube channel via mobile phones or other mobile devices.  While Youtube does not give specific information that tracks the types of phones or mobile devices that are used it does include this information in your analytics data. The great news is that Comscore has compiled and released that very data today and it basically validates the information and observation I had shared with my readers.  The information shared, basically coincides with my Youtube video viewers and varies only by a few percentage points.

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WordPress Mobile: Making Sure Your Blog Can Be Viewed by Mobile Devices

Mobile Phone

While most small business marketers are aware that they need to build traffic to their website or blog, not many are aware that they should also set up their or self-hosted blog to be viewed by mobile devices like the Iiphone, Android smartphone, Ipad and other mobile devices.

According to Comscore datamine, a service that tracks this type of industry information, …”More than 76.8 million Americans owned smartphones during the three months ending in May 2011, up 57 percent from the previous year. A look at the top smartphone app categories revealed that Weather apps had the largest audience reaching 31 million smartphone owners, or 40.4% of the total U.S. smartphone audience. Social Networking apps closely followed with a smartphone audience of 29.4 million (38.2% reach), followed by Maps with 25.8 million users accessing this category via apps.

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