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Holiday Working Hours Gone Awry

I’ve worked at a lot of corporations in my design career and have encountered  a lot of office situations that have inspired me to create these cartoons.  Here’s another animation, created on Goanimate .

Enjoy, and we’ll be back to providing you informative content to answer your design questions and needs next week. 🙂

Christmas Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season

Here at Rich Media Design Productions, we acknowledge that business is a serious subject, but we are not without a sense of humor, in fact, we couldn’t get our creative design juices flowing without it.

So I am posting, a few of my animations created on the fly ( and posted to my Youtube channel) to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday and wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!

3 Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Product Sales and Increase Website Traffic

Panasonic professional video camera

With the explosion of video sharing sites, such as Youtube and Vimeo, and the increase of the marketing potential of viral videos, there are a variety of video marketing ideas that are rapidly developing and becoming available even to the small business marketer.  Keep in mind though ,  not all of these video technologies are applicable to every type of business. Some ideas are more suitable for business to business audiences and others are more suitable for business to consumer audiences.  Your video content needs to be modified for your target audience.

Obviously, other factors to consider are the size of your own business and your marketing budget.  But, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the huge advertising budgets that  corporations or Fortune 500 companies have at their disposal. With the advent of new video technologies, there are more and more affordable video products and services coming on the market to provide affordable video content creation in order to market your product or services to your customers. The following ideas discuss developing video content for small businesses that sell products to consumers and to some extent can be modified to work for some services.

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Animator Uses QR Codes in Cartoon to Promote His Animations

QR Code Animation

QR Code Animation on Goanimate Website

I am always amazed at the creative uses that are becoming available with interactive media tools.  This animator has combined an animation and included QR codes (of his other popular animations of course, I tested the codes with my mobile phone barcode scanner app)  to promote his brand on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Business Card Design for Media Business With Social Media Icons

Business Card With Social Media Icons

In a separate post Design Your New Business Card With Social Media Icons, I have suggested that more and more businesses are including social media icons on their business cards.  Including these social icons of the social networks you most use, lets your prospective customer or client know that social networking is a communication tool that is part of your marketing mix.

This is one of my concept designs stored on my Photobucket design portfolio.

Adobe Photoshop CS5:How to Animate a Gif Banner

A simple interactive banner ad can be made with a gif animation.  I’ve included my video tutorial  that covers how to animate a gif banner ad and the full transcript is provided below.


Hi, this is Richard from Rich Media Design Productions and I’m going to be showing you how to animate a gif banner using Photoshop CS5.

Now Photoshop Cs5 isn’t the only version that has animation so if you have CS2 you should be able to find the same animation features as in CS5.

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Santa has Gone Mobile:Old Christmas Traditions With a Hi-Tech Digital Twist


Cartoon Santa Claus

Letter to Santa

Santa never had it so good or is his workshop suddenly inundated with digital requests from all over the world? Just how does he keep up?!   Well you know times have changed when people discuss the Secret Santa exchange you used to have at the workplace when they are forgoing the old lists and using  Twitter, according to this article “Play Secret Santa With Your Twitter Network”  that is what this Twitter app is encouraging.

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What is Rich Media?


Not just a rhetorical design question anymore —rich media is another term for the word that most people are familiar with interactive “multi-media”.   And rich media development and techniques are rapidly being used and developed in order to deliver interactive banner ads and other media that enables the user to interact with the media provided whether it is a video, website or other form of advertising.  One stellar example is Youtube mentioned in Mashable’s article Youtube Launches Skippable Ads” which recently developed the option for end users to choose what advertising they want to watch!

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Boost Conversion Rates And Promote Your Website With Video Interactive Banner Ads

Sample Banner Ad

Banner Ads

Most small businesses are familiar with short corporate video ads but with the release of the iPad and Android phones there is a whole new breed of video advertising technologies that can be used to extend a company’s ad campaign on the web and mobile phones. And, the reason that these ads are a hot new format is that they deliver results beyond the traditional one percent return on investment and initial studies show that these types of ads improve conversion rates to eight percent (conservatively)! Examples of these companies that are on the ‘bleeding edge” of these types of video technologies or rich media ads are Veeple, Innovid IRolls or Mixpo.

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