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Housekeeping Update

File Folders

Just wanted to provide a housekeeping update to this blog.  Yes, Richmediadp is still an active domain and website, we have had a variety of problems with sneaky stealthy spammers hacking into our domain and misleading many of our readers and followers.  We have since provided security and spam protection measures that should prevent that from happening in the future.

In the meantime, we appreciate all the visitors who have stopped by and read and utilized our past articles and videos.  We are hopeful that we will get this blog up and running with fresh new content in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by and we are sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused by unscrupulous hackers.

Wishing You New Year Greetings for 2013!

2013 compass concept

Well, I will start off this blog post with Best Wishes for 2013!  We’ve enjoyed your continuing visits to this website and also the increase in visitors and subscribers to my corresponding Youtube site.  We nearly doubled our site visitors in 2012 from 2011 and also improved our Google and Alexa ranking dramatically.  With WordPress and Youtube  improving so many of there online tools, you can expect to see additional updates to this site and my Youtube channel. We are also getting an increasing amount of web traffic from mobile devices such as the ipad and mobile phones, this was a trend I noticed a couple of years ago and am happily enjoying the benefits.

When I first started this blog (a couple of years ago) my New Year’s blog post for 2011 had referenced the fact that we were facing tough economic times.  If you have been following the news closely, going into this year, economic times are even more difficult.  So as a result it is even more challenging than my previous post, to write and to address low-cost but effective ways to build up your online presence.  However,  some basic things still apply.

As your writing up your New Year’s resolutions, you know the ones that include how to improve and invest in your online business, now is the time to review your web design and print collateral graphic design needs. Technorati has published a very informative article on the Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2013,  which discusses how more companies are developing their websites using HTML 5 and are designing their websites so that they can be design responsive for tablets and smartphone users.

Budgets are understandably tighter and meeting your website design and publishing goals will probably  get even more challenging.    But we don’t want you to despair, we have website development plans and content plans of our own and now that the holidays are behind us, we’ll  start churning out those tips, new vids  and how-to articles.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

Just in Time Seasons Greetings And Holiday Wishes?

Santa Christmas CookieOkay, so I blew it, getting in this year’s Christmas greetings in a little bit late.  Wishing you the most happiness with the Christmas gifts you have already opened and many happy returns!  (ha-ha)

It’s been a great year thanks to all the fans of this site, that includes unique visitors as well as repeat visitors.  I have been busy enjoying my vacation and well, I dropped the ball when it came to website updates and blog posts.   Thankfully, I have spent developing some evergreen content in the past that has kept my web traffic steady.  As we fast approach the year 2013, I’m expecting to keep working at this site and deliver new content.

I also would like to thank all the Youtube viewers and new subscribers, we will put the nose to the grindstone as soon as the festivities are over.  Happy New Year!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Just a celebration post to mark the second anniversary of this website.  Just wanted to say thanks to all my visitors. Those who have left insightful comments and posted likes. The traffic for my Youtube channel has grown as well and we’re really pleased with all the views and growing subscribers.

It’s almost funny looking back at the trickle of traffic I received when I first started this website as compared to what it is now.  The site has seen an enormous amount of growth and hopefully we will be able continue to churn out quality posts through the holidays and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by!

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving!


Another year has rolled in and this is just a short note to remind you that I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I certainly was busy eating turkey and gravy, green beans almondine, cornbread stuffing and parmesan mashed potatoes among other things. Throw in a few more calories that I don’t care to mention and it was all good. Mmmm. Mmmm.

I certainly am grateful for a lot of things.  I appreciate all the visitors to my website and the additional subscribers and views on my Youtube channel.  This has been a tough economic year for many, and I hope some of the  instruction I provide in my free videos is building  your graphic design skill set.  Thanks again and again for all the visits as this website nears it’s second birthday.

Tomorrow is the start of all the  Black Friday Sales and the preparation for the Holiday Season, so hope you all are enjoying your holiday!

Halloween Greetings And A Marketing Reminder!


Well, it’s that time again.  That time where the ghosts and goblins start appearing on your marketing materials and not to mention those that will be appearing at your door begging for treats, not tricks!  Halloween begins the flurry of end of the year holidays that marketers can incorporate into their marketing campaigns.

So, this is just another reminder that as we gear up for the holiday season, all your marketing materials should be planned, set up and ready to go! And, yes, this is Rich Media Design Productions’ annual friendly reminder.  Although, for next year we well have to probably start a little earlier to give one time for the planning and decisions that need to be set up for online and offline (print media) marketing plans..

 But it’s just not your print media, marketing that needs to be planned.  It also includes your web content, email templates, and other online marketing campaigns.  You might want to check out The Email Guide‘s article about email marketing templates for Halloween and for more information about the nuts and bolts of email marketing.  The website covers email design, best practices, list building, email testing and metrics.   The information and tips you’ll learn will get you geared up for your next holiday themed campaign.

Are we sounding a tad bit redundant, well we think for good reason.

But, we won’t sign off without wishing you a Happy Halloween!


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Reminder: Prepare Your Marketing Materials for the Holidays!

Image Credit: Courtesy of digitalart at Free Digital Photos

Richmediadp: We Have Set Up Our RSS Feed


Here at  Rich Media Design Productions, we are always tweaking the website in order to improve our reader’s experience.   I have had  a few requests for finding my RSS feed and realized, I had not activated our RSS feed button on our header.

However , setting up the RSS feed has since been attended to.  Even though there are rumors on the Net that Google will be phasing out the feed burner service.  In my opinion, that would make a lot of angry customers and end users furious.  So we will see what the future holds.

Or you may decide to wait until the dust clears and there is official word from Google as to whether they will keep the service.

In any case, for those of you who asked…

The feed address is or you can subscribe on the RSS chiclet in the above header.

Let the Games Begin! Going for the Gold – London Olympics 2012

Olympic Gold Medals

So the London 2012 Olympics  has arrived and in the spirit of the games, I’m posting this blog in support for the good ole’ USA.  Hoping to see our athletes bring home the gold!

It would be fun to see if there are design awards for some of the logo and packaging design that is being showcased for this event.  (Of course, as a graphic designer this would definitely be an occupational interest!)

In addition, although I have been tied up with other projects and a vacationing mindset, I would just like to note that  the traffic on this site has been doing very well.  I just received my own gold medal, so to speak,  with a one day traffic count of 666 on July 10th! All I can say is this is “Awesome !”  and thanks so much for your support.   I’m hoping that this site is at least providing useful  and helpful information. I’ll be putting the nose to the grindstone in the near future as the summer winds down…meanwhile, we have our eye on the games.


Yes, the USA brought home the gold. Impressed with the USA’s athletes performance.


Happy New Year: Gearing Up for 2012 Online Productivity

Well, most of us have rung in the New Year and are returning back to our work routines and are facing the ongoing challenges that having an online blog can pose.  What with many of the vast changes that have occurred in the  last few months in social media, video and other online sources the tasks can be daunting.

As a matter of fact, if the stats are correct, many small businesses haven’t launched their blogs and are therefore further behind the curve on getting their small business’ online marketing rolling.  My best advice is to get some general information on what needs to be done and get started, you can always refine the process as you develop new skills and you gain more traffic.  Don’t fall into the dreaded symptom of “paralysis through over-analysis”.

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Memorial Day Reflections – Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Flag and Flowers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

When Memorial Day comes around most of us are planning a three day weekend at the beach or other getaway or planning the food for our picnic or outdoor barbecue. Over the years, I have been guilty of perhaps spending more time on what fun activities I have planned for my weekend rather than spending the time in sober reflection for the contributions that our military and fallen heroes have sacrificed for our nation’s preservation of freedom. So, this blog post might go a little way to correcting that error and be my small contribution to remembering our fallen heroes and veterans.

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