WordPress Mobile: Making Sure Your Blog Can Be Viewed by Mobile Devices

Mobile Phone

While most small business marketers are aware that they need to build traffic to their website or blog, not many are aware that they should also set up their WordPress.com or WordPress.org self-hosted blog to be viewed by mobile devices like the Iiphone, Android smartphone, Ipad and other mobile devices.

According to Comscore datamine, a service that tracks this type of industry information, …”More than 76.8 million Americans owned smartphones during the three months ending in May 2011, up 57 percent from the previous year. A look at the top smartphone app categories revealed that Weather apps had the largest audience reaching 31 million smartphone owners, or 40.4% of the total U.S. smartphone audience. Social Networking apps closely followed with a smartphone audience of 29.4 million (38.2% reach), followed by Maps with 25.8 million users accessing this category via apps.

That means there are a lot of people potentially trying to access your WordPress blog via their phones or other mobile devices. Over 6% of my viewers on my Youtube Channel access my video tutorials via their phones and those stats continue to rise.

With a WordPress.com site the process is easy, it’s just a matter of knowing where to set up the process.  The following are two screen shots:

1) This screenshot shows you where to enable  your mobile site. You access it through your Administrator’s panel, select the Appearance tab, and then Extras.  You will need to check the box that refers to setting up the mobile appearance of your website.  Once you complete those step you will want to check your website on your mobile phone.  The interface is rather plain; however, at the very least I would recommend that you set it up as soon as possible.  Who know how many prospective visitors to your website you might be missing because you weren’t aware of WordPress’ mobile theme option.

Wordpress Mobile Setup

2) This screenshot show you where to access the Ipad settings in your Administrator panel.  You Select the Appearance tab, and then Ipad, you can make your adjustments on this page.  Even if you do not have an Ipad, you should set up these settings.  As I stated previously, you might be missing out on traffic that is trying to find you on their Ipad.

Wordpress Ipad Setup

Now if you have a self hosted WordPress blog, you might want to use one of the many plug-and-play platforms offered online. These companies actually create a separate mobile website that is completely independent from your regular website.

The following is the website for WPtouch Pro a plug-in that set up a completely separate mobile site for your WordPress blog. They have a free plug-in as well as a paid version.

WPTouch Pro Site

This is only one example of a mobile app vendor, there are a host of them available on a Google search.  I would even check out what WordPress itself is recommending on the dashboard available to all users.  The point I’m trying to make is that the final decision of whatever vendor you decide on  is up to you.  However,  I would recommend that you enable your website for mobile users as it a rapidly growing market and you might be missing out on lots of eager traffic for your product or service!

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