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3 Awesome Online Infographic Design Generators


Infographics are a new form of business graphic that are fast becoming the latest content item to share via social media, to post in your blog or provide a visual graphic of data for a powerpoint presentation.  According to a recent study conducted by Emarketer,  many in-house marketers, as well as marketing agencies , are using infographics as part of their content marketing plans.

What are they?

Infographics are a graphic representation of data.  The buzz word is “data viz” short for data visualization. They are very similar to the business charts and graphs that are available on Microsoft Word, or Excel; however, that’s where the similarity ends.  They are usually much better designed and graphically more aesthetically pleasing.    There are many businesses and companies that are requesting these designs to educate their audience, build their brands and create awesome linkbait.

Tips for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you should know by now that these graphics can be labor intensive design projects to plan, collect data and design.   You might want to check out these sites and see if these tools are products that you will be able to use to improve your design production. Or, perhaps you can use them to create an infographic, show off your design skills and share via social media.  I believe the free version of these software tools will have the company’s logo watermarked on the graphic but it seems a great tool to utilize to refine your design skills.  However, I would suggest that you use serious design tools like Photoshop for design projects provided to clients.  For further information, there is a lengthy but  great article, on Smashing Magazine that gives you plenty information about  The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic Design if you are still puzzled as to what they are.

Tips for Business or Website Owners

As a business owner or website owner, you might want access to infographic tools to create simple business graphics for your presentations or that you can use to construct a design that your in-house designers can later refine.

Awesome tool to create infographics online.



It’s going to be tough choosing between which tool you want to use to create your designs.



Nifty tool with a great video demo available on Youtube.


2 Additional Changes Youtube Has Made to Improve Small Business Video Marketing

Although there was a great uproar and outcry regarding  Youtube’s recent updates and changes, it seems those outcries are growing dimmer as small businesses are getting a net gain with Youtube’s redevelopment of their website.

In a previous blog post, I included a brief summary of Youtube’s new interface but I was hesitant to comment about the new changes internally since such a major change in navigation was putting a dent on how I was posting and editing my video tutorials.

The following is an example of my Youtube channel’s  new interface:

But as I mentioned earlier, those concerns are beginning to drift away since, as a matter of fact, YouTube has already made more of an effort to feature channels on search results pages for related keywords.   This is the key, make sure when you edit  your channel that you focus on using your main keyword phrase properly in your channel’s description , and you can get found even quicker!

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