As owner of Rich Media Design Productions, I am a graphic and web graphics designer/video editor (working out of the Orange County, California -USA) that strives to consistently upgrade my skills in order to provide solutions for my clients’ design problems—both online and offline (print collateral and direct marketing materials).  I am committed to providing excellent creative solutions for my client’s graphic design, web graphics and video production needs.

As for my design experience, I have a 20+year design career followed by 4 years of professional freelance most recently working as a fulltime independent contractor for Herbal Life. I have a bachelor’s degree from UCLA in Design and Media Arts with, a minor in Fine Arts. If you would like to see more of my work, checkout my extensive design portfolio at http://bit.ly/bMaUnK. or you can view my professional resume on Linkedin, which provides additional information about my education and work background, if you desire.

I delved into the video market when I worked in the video production field for the TCI Cable San Gabriel Company several years ago, and other design and video projects for the Los Angeles Unified School District, since then I have maintained my skill set in this field. With the advent of new video production and editing technologies, I have found myself consulting with various businesses from small businesses to corporations. In addition, a skill set that I believe I have developed that is pertinent to the expanding  global economy is the ability to work with print collateral that then needs to  be translated into other languages for foreign markets. I developed this skill working for the Los Angeles Unified School District translation department which needed to translate their materials in over 90 languages.

I have worked as an Art Director and am able to provide advice and direction to  corporate clients.  I currently work as an independent graphic designer and Design Consultant for Biotivia LLC, (a manufacturer of resveratrol and other health food supplements) which sells and distributes their products throughout European markets from my design studio in Orange County, California.  I am very comfortable working in a distributed network type of  work setting and am familiar with the business challenges that come with having  employees around the world .  Although, Biotivia LLC is my major client, I  will take on additional clients depending on the scope of the project.  I can be contacted via my contact form.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog has been informative and helpful.

Richard E. Sandoval, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

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