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Youtube Gets a Slicker and Cooler Interface But Is It A Real Improvement?

As we get nearer to  the end of the year, and often many companies prepare by rolling new bells and whistles,  Youtube has rolled out a major overhaul on their design interface.  While it does look a lot sleeker and adds a host of options it will be interesting to see if this overhaul will actually enhance viewer experience.  It’s an interesting risk since Youtube has pulled away from it’s simple and clean interface.  The following video has a quick overview of the customization options that are now available.

This is Youtube’s new front page interface, of course with some of my own interface options, so the view may look different from your own.

Design wise the interface looks great but if you are already struggling to keep up with all the options available to you in developing your Youtube channel,  Youtube has just  upped the ante.  In fact there are mixed opinions on these new changes, and videos with access to script changes to revert back to the old interface are becoming readily available.  Even the video posted above has several thousand dislikes.

In my opinion, perhaps Youtube wasn’t forthcoming on how drastic the changes would be and have irritated their loyal users to say the least.  I will be tweaking and updating my own channel in the following weeks and checking under the hood, so to speak, on design changes.

Youtube Makes Video Guide Ebook Available to Youtube Publishers

Youtube icon

Youtube knows it will be successful when it makes its publishers or producers successful so they have created an ebook named “Youtube Creator Playbook” and/or presentation that will guide  you through the tips, guidelines and all  the information you need to know to get started in order to make your next video successful.

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5 Free or Open Source Screencasting Applications to Create Your Next Video

Sony HD Video Camera

Screencasting and live video streaming may be the next big thing in marketing for your small business, but it is hardly worth diving into if your budget is already squeezed tight and you can’t make room for expensive software and video tools.

However, not to worry there are a few robust and free applications out there, that you can at least begin to use in order to get familiar with the technology and get “your feet wet” with video marketing without a financial outlay.  You will have to invest some time to get familiar with the products but that shouldn’t be too difficult as most of the website provide short video tutorials on how to get started.

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How to Convert a Powerpoint 2010 Presentation into a Marketing Video

Powerpoint 2010 slide

If you have  Powerpoint 2010 on your Windows computer, you have the tools to create a marketing video at your fingertips without needing screencasting software.  In addition,  Microsoft usually includes their basic video editing software Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker with your purchase and you can use this software to edit your completed video, if needed, or prepare it to upload to Youtube.

Unlike previous versions of Powerpoint,  Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and provided video conversion  functionality in their most recent release,  so you will not need a third party application to convert your Powerpoint presentation to video.  The following steps will guide you through this process:

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Photoshop CS5: Quick Tips to Improve Your Desktop Wallpaper Design


This video tutorial covers quick tips and design principles in order to take your desktop wallpaper beyond run-of-the-mill type of desktop backgrounds.  While the design of your personal desktop wallpaper won’t matter to most people (since your the only one who sees it), that whole concept changes when you decide to provide screencasts from your desktop.

The desktop wallpaper can serve as an additional image to promote your business or offer.  Whether you do it yourself, or have someone create a custom design for you. It still is a good idea to put this on your to-do list as another way to subtly market your small business.  I’m not suggesting blatant advertising here; however, subtle design changes can make the difference in promoting your small business or brand.

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How To Use Screencasting Software to Create Your Marketing Video

Screencasting Software Sites

Who doesn’t desire that their business video should go viral?  And when most small business marketers contemplate creating a video they usually are thinking of  portable and traditional video cameras or video production equipment.  However, there is another video creation tool that is often ignored , namely screencasting software. But what exactly is screencasting?

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The 3 Areas of Your Small Business’ Video Production Budget

Movie reelWith the amazing growth of Youtube and other video sharing sites, video has become widely accepted as a growing and viable way to effectively market your small business.  But most small business marketers who are getting ready to create their marketing video, don’t know what are the various budget  line items and tasks involved in producing their video. The following summary should give you a general idea of what to include in your budget for a small scale marketing video and whether the video is a one man production or a large scale Hollywood style production the video’s production tasks and budget can usually be divided into these three areas.

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