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Non-Destructive Photo Adjustments Using Photoshop CS5

Just when you thought most people know the basics around Photoshop, you find out not everybody does know the principles that can improve your work processes when photo editing and keep from  destroying your original photos.  This is my latest vid tut on Photoshop CS5.  I basically cover the steps on using adjustment layers in order to retain your original photo or photos.

Isolating and Colorizing A Black and White Photo


Woman With Sweetheart Candy

Being that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, this is the most recent of my Photoshop CS5 tutorials.  In this video, I cover how to remove the color from an image and isolate a specific object on the photo.  I also cover the steps on how to then change the object selected and transform either for more dramatic impact.  I also added a blur technique to the background in order to emphasize the red heart in the foreground.  The transformation of the heart to look like a Necco sweetheart candy as in the photo above was not covered in the video.

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