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Let the Games Begin! Going for the Gold – London Olympics 2012

Olympic Gold Medals

So the London 2012 Olympics  has arrived and in the spirit of the games, I’m posting this blog in support for the good ole’ USA.  Hoping to see our athletes bring home the gold!

It would be fun to see if there are design awards for some of the logo and packaging design that is being showcased for this event.  (Of course, as a graphic designer this would definitely be an occupational interest!)

In addition, although I have been tied up with other projects and a vacationing mindset, I would just like to note that  the traffic on this site has been doing very well.  I just received my own gold medal, so to speak,  with a one day traffic count of 666 on July 10th! All I can say is this is “Awesome !”  and thanks so much for your support.   I’m hoping that this site is at least providing useful  and helpful information. I’ll be putting the nose to the grindstone in the near future as the summer winds down…meanwhile, we have our eye on the games.


Yes, the USA brought home the gold. Impressed with the USA’s athletes performance.


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