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How to Morph Two Images on Low Cost MAC Software App

In a previous blog post, I included my video and the transcript for instructions on How to Morph A Face on Photoshop CS5.  I had several requests for morphing two animal images or animal faces and this is the latest vid tutorial that I came up with.

The morphing software used in this demo is called MorphX and is made by Norrkross Software, it costs $1.99 on the MAC app store.  I make a few suggestions in the video for morphing applications that are available for the PC.

Most Popular Sources For QR Code Smartphone Scans

With the exponential growth and usage of QR Codes and other 2D bar codes, you will  find yourself trying to find creative ways to incorporate QR Codes into your graphic designs.  But the burning question is where are QR Codes most popular?  According to recently released Comscore data “over 14.2 million smartphone users scanned a QR or 2D bar code, reaching 14.5 percent of the smartphone audience in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK)) during the three month average ending in March 2012.

More than half  (50.9%) of the smartphone audience that scanned a QR code did so from a printed magazine or newspaper.  Over 38.0 percent of the smartphone audience scanned a QR or 2D barcode that was printed on product packaging, making it the second most popular choice.

Check out the bar chart below to see how those numbers shook out.

QR Code Bar Chart 3-12

Photoshop CS5 :Organizing Your Graphic Elements for A Design Layout

Well, this is my latest Photoshop vid.  The objective in this video is to cover tips and tricks to organize the graphic elements in Photoshop and to  help you prepare for involved or detailed design layouts.



7 Ways to Generate New Client Leads or Freelance Work from Your Local Business Community

Local Small Business

As a freelance graphic designer, it’s just as vital to set up different sources for obtaining or generating new client leads as it is setting up your online portfolio or Linked In profile.  Too often graphic designers may look for larger clients via online resources or online job boards, when they can prospect for potential clients in their own neighborhood. The following are a few tips on how to jump start your marketing efforts.

1)      Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend a few of their events in order to promote your services.

When you attend these events make sure you take your printed business card, that has vital information about your blog, website or online portfolio.  Get ready with a 15 second  “elevator speech” describing what services you offer.  Don’t be boring and answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” with a boring, “I’m a graphic designer”.  Try to phrase your answer with information that lets your potential client know how you can solve their problems.

2)      Set up your business information on Google Places or local online business directories.

Make sure you include as much information about your graphic design business.  If you are a graphic designer that works out of your home, set up a mailbox and use the address as your business address and communicate with your clients via your phone or online website or blog.  Take advantage of these free or low cost local directories

3)      Check out Craig list’s listings for your city.

Yes, your competition is probably doing the same thing but sometimes you’ll have the skill set or experience that your competition doesn’t have and thus you’ll get hired.  With a small investment of time on  a consistent basis, this habit may reap you a client or two that will be a source of additional business.

4)      Keep in touch with local related freelancers ( especially copywriters) that can refer you work.

Treat good referral freelance associates like gold, offering them either bartered services, (i.e. design their print collateral) or a fee for referring work.

5)      Ask if you can place your business cards, rack cards and other marketing material in local business stores.

Use this technique with related businesses or businesses you have developed a rapport with.  It’s possible your local favorite drycleaner could be the one who will be willing to post your business adverts!

6)      Obtain a local business directory from your local business chamber of commerce and mail promotional postcards to prospective clients in your community that could use your services.

Contact a local printing house that does not have an in house graphic designer and determine if they would refer work to you.  Be prepared to send some samples of your work or refer them to an online portfolio or website.

7)      Keep in touch with past clients and always reward your clients with a referral  fee , or generous discount, if they refer any business to you.

Make sure you view your past satisfied clients like gold, and don’t neglect them. These satisfied clients are a source for potential new business as they can vouch for your reliability and expertise!

Do you have any local business marketing ideas?

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