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Youtube Makes Video Guide Ebook Available to Youtube Publishers

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Youtube knows it will be successful when it makes its publishers or producers successful so they have created an ebook named “Youtube Creator Playbook” and/or presentation that will guide  you through the tips, guidelines and all  the information you need to know to get started in order to make your next video successful.

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Why You Should Use Youtube to Improve Your Small Business’ Marketing

Since it’s early days as a Youtube-3burgeoning video sharing site, when it was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, (who were all early employees of PayPal), Youtube has shown phenomenol growth.   Shortly after it’s initial startup phase, the domain name “” was activated on February 14, 2005, and the website was developed over the subsequent months.

Needless to say, Youtube has had phenomenal year-to year growth since then and since it’s early days  it’s growth potential and popularity was attractive enough to be purchased by Google in 2006.  Obviously, a lot of this  growth has happened with good reason.  Statistics show that Youtube has, as of this writing,  reached over 200 billion video views per day , uploads over 35 hours of video per minute and Google claims that almost 70 percent of that traffic comes from outside of the United States. Of course, that’s only a drop in the bucket of the site’s amazing stats. Read the rest of this entry

5 Video Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Website and Boost Your Traffic

As a small business owner you may not be able to compete with a huge corporation’s marketing budget for brand awareness; however, with new, low-cost and innovative video software tools you can produce low-cost but good quality videos for your target audience that can give you effective results and improve your Google ranking.

Whether the buzz regarding YouTube, and other video sharing sites,  has motivated you to buy a Flip camera or Kodak camera and video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony’s Vegas, (Imovie if you are a MAC owner) you may find yourself stumped as to how you can utilize these tools to promote your website or product. The following are some ideas to get you jump started to produce videos that will engage your customers and boost traffic.

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3 Reasons Video Should Be Included in Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

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Your Business Video

The buzz on the internet regarding Youtube and video marketing is taking the internet by storm…and for good reason!  Youtube has over 80 million visitors per month and on average Youtube viewers spend 164 minutes online everyday.  Several industry developments in recent years have contributed to these changes, for example, broadband high-speed internet is becoming readily available and more affordable for most households. The cost of consumer video equipment and video editing software is reaching affordable levels bringing down costs making  a very good quality video home studio that can be assembled for under $500 and comparable video editing software for your PC or MAC can be purchased for as low as $100.

There are several video sharing websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Revver, Google Video, etc., that make hosting videos relatively low cost or in some cases free. In addition, many newly designed smartphones and iPhones are capable of creating short fairly good quality videos and many people are using their mobile phones to upload their videos to video sharing and social media websites.  No these are not professional quality videos; but many small business marketers begin with these tools and upgrade their video quality with their successes.  They don’t wait for the ideal time to jump onto the video marketing bandwagon.

In some cases, as incredible as it sounds, you don’t even need video equipment or software, as video creation business services such as Animoto will combine current pictures, images or mini video clips from your business and create compelling 30 second to 10 minute videos with sound and sophisticated transitions that you can than use to promote your business or service. If you are a solo professional, freelancer, independent contractor or small brick-and-mortar business you should consider including video marketing in your small business marketing mix.  With all the new tools coming online it makes more sense now more than ever!

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