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Memorial Day Reflections – Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Flag and Flowers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

When Memorial Day comes around most of us are planning a three day weekend at the beach or other getaway or planning the food for our picnic or outdoor barbecue. Over the years, I have been guilty of perhaps spending more time on what fun activities I have planned for my weekend rather than spending the time in sober reflection for the contributions that our military and fallen heroes have sacrificed for our nation’s preservation of freedom. So, this blog post might go a little way to correcting that error and be my small contribution to remembering our fallen heroes and veterans.

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3 Methods on How to Improve Video Marketing Using Twitter and Popular Social Media Tools

Social Media IconsAs more and more small businesses adopt social media tools like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to market their businesses, these software companies are developing tools and expanding their services so that video content can be integrated and shared on their sites.  For example, Twitter, the micro-blogging giant, just made changes to their video viewing functions.

In the past, when you would send a tweet to your market or followers with a video link, a viewer would have to click the link and would then be ushered to a third party site in order to view the video.  Now Twitter has enabled the viewer to view the video within the twitter stream without leaving the Twitter client.  These changes have opened a new and dynamic way that small business marketers can use Twitter to market their businesses. Keep the following three tips in mind as this type of video marketing gains in popularity.

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Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day…

Mother's Day Flowers

As Mother’s Day approaches, I think back of my dear Mom, Rose Pratiz Molina. Sadly, she passed away several years ago, but not without leaving an indelible place in my heart.  As a mixed Italian immigrant, my mom had that famous Italian love of food and  cooking and there are several Italian dishes a person can mention and in a flash I remember dishes my Mom made for our family and my mouth automatically waters, dishes like canolli, spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce and my all time favorite, osso buco.

So it is with a full heart and happy memories of days gone by, that I wish all Moms a Happy Mother’s Day.

The following video is a small tribute I pulled together last year for Moms.  I would suggest that you check out Animoto  in order to gather a few pictures together and create  a quick video for a slideshow presentation that you can put together for free and send to your mom for this holiday!

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