3 Methods on How to Improve Video Marketing Using Twitter and Popular Social Media Tools

Social Media IconsAs more and more small businesses adopt social media tools like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to market their businesses, these software companies are developing tools and expanding their services so that video content can be integrated and shared on their sites.  For example, Twitter, the micro-blogging giant, just made changes to their video viewing functions.

In the past, when you would send a tweet to your market or followers with a video link, a viewer would have to click the link and would then be ushered to a third party site in order to view the video.  Now Twitter has enabled the viewer to view the video within the twitter stream without leaving the Twitter client.  These changes have opened a new and dynamic way that small business marketers can use Twitter to market their businesses. Keep the following three tips in mind as this type of video marketing gains in popularity.

1)       These changes will enable marketers to provide recent and almost real time video from their twitter stream with keyword s directly related to the video they are sharing.  When video content is posted to a video sharing site it will also appear on the search results of the tweet it was linked to on Twitter.  These results will show up on your Google search engine results and improve the overall search engine optimization.  With iphones and Android phones providing better camera and video quality and including video editing software as well, small business marketers will be able to create, edit and provide real time video of perhaps their conference attendance to their Twitter followers.

2)       Video content creators and small business marketers can create micro videos for your Twitter followers and view their response.  Studies have shown that most viewers will click out of a video after a minute of watching almost any video if they are not interested in the content, this is the time to create short , relevant videos to test with your Twitter audience.  As for how many videos to include on your twitter stream, best practices suggest that you stick to a rule of thumb of less than around one to three videos per every 12 tweets.  Try to avoid video spam.

3)       Keep track of using video in your Twitter account by reading blogs or entries from Twitter developers or social media marketers. While much of this type of micro video marketing is relatively new, there isn’t much information regarding established best practices but there is enough information of marketers using these tools and their successful campaigns.  Two good sources for using video in twitter marketing is Michael Stelzner’s website Social Media Examiner and Twit Jump’s, a twitter developer, website that has links to several resources which  discuss best practices for business video twitter marketing.

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I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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