6 Reasons to Begin Blogging for Your Graphic Design Business

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Most graphic designers, freelance workers or entrepreneurs know by now, that blogging is quickly becoming an important and relatively inexpensive tool for online marketing and self promotion.  Back in the 90s, in the early days of internet marketing, web designers and graphic designers were busy designing and creating mostly static websites for their clients.  However, blogging and the use of blogs has grown exponentially with the development and refining of blogging platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

These blogging platforms have made it much easier to develop and set up a website (or internet presence) for a variety of purposes without requiring advanced technical and programming knowledge.  According to Technorati (in their annual  2011 State of the Blogosphere Report),  3 million blogs come online per month!

When blogging became popular, around July of 2004, there were about 3 million blogs online and as of the end of Dec 2011, there were approximately 178 million blogs on the internet!  Please see chart below, designed by Invesp.

Growth of Blogging - Invesp

According to the Technorati study, these bloggers break down into these general groups:

  • Hobbyist – these people “blog for fun” and do not report any income. They represent about 60% of this survey.
  • Professional Part-time and Fulltime bloggers – They are independent bloggers who either use blogging as a way to supplement their income, or consider it their full-time job. They primarily blog about personal musings and technology.  These bloggers represent 18% of survey respondents.
  • Corporate – They blog as part of their full-time job or blog full-time for a company or an organization they work for. They represent about 8% of this group.
  • Entrepreneurs  –13% of the blogosphere is characterized as entrepreneurs, or individual independent contractors blogging for a company or organization they own.

2011 Blogging Pie Chart

Why is this information important?  Because as a freelance graphic designer, developing your design skills to include designing online graphics and web design will increase your bottom line and help grow your client base. (If you are under 30, you will likely know some of this information already as the predominant age group of bloggers according to Technorati’s study is between 25 and 44 years of age.)   Will this automatically work like magic?  No, but with a little inspiration as well as perspiration (i.e. work),  developing  your business blog or website is a perfect way to showcase your graphic design work and obtain prospective client contacts.

With so many blogs already online, I was just as incredulous as you might be about the success of blogging , when I first started this blog about one year and a half ago.  If you have read, some of my first blog posts about my experiences, you will know that I put this blogging venture under a strict budget , used as many free and low cost tools as possible and invested a minimum amount of time that would be viable for my offline business.  I had to struggle and grow through the newbie blogging stage, just as much as anyone else who is employed fulltime, and maintaining a blog, but my diligence has begun to pay off as my daily traffic has grown substantially. (Thanks to all my visitors).

I’m technically still a newbie in the internet/ blogger world ,just as much as the next guy, even though I have been designing web graphics for my clients for several years!   As a general rule, graphic designers are known to be perfectionists and really hard on themselves and thus internet projects for their own businesses tend to fall on the back burner as they concentrate on their client’s projects.

However, if you are ready to get started with blogging, the following are six main objectives for starting your business or entrepreneurial blog and you will find that you will refer to these points throughout your blogging and internet experience. Developing or creating a blog for your graphic design business will help you:

  1. Build familiarity and trust with Your Target Audience.

  2. Position Yourself as the expert or trusted advisor.

  3. Create interest in your products or services and showcase your work!

  4. Establish virtual relationships with prospects or clients.

  5. Garner qualified leads and contacts.

  6. Close Sales.

I hope this information will help you get started with your blog as soon as possible.  If you find this blog post informative, please don’t hesitate to comment, Like or share. Thanks!

About richmediadp

I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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  1. Hey very nice post.I enjoy reading it.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. We graphic designers often neglect applying for ourselves what we go out of our way to do for our clients! 🙂

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