How to Convert a Powerpoint 2010 Presentation into a Marketing Video

Powerpoint 2010 slide

If you have  Powerpoint 2010 on your Windows computer, you have the tools to create a marketing video at your fingertips without needing screencasting software.  In addition,  Microsoft usually includes their basic video editing software Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker with your purchase and you can use this software to edit your completed video, if needed, or prepare it to upload to Youtube.

Unlike previous versions of Powerpoint,  Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and provided video conversion  functionality in their most recent release,  so you will not need a third party application to convert your Powerpoint presentation to video.  The following steps will guide you through this process:

1. After you have created your presentation, Click on the “File” tab from the Microsoft ribbon in order to access the backstage view of your file.


2.  Click on “Save and Send” and then select “Create A Video” under “File Types”.


3.  When you get to this step, Microsoft offers you a few options.  First of all, the software enables you to select on which type of output you will be displaying your video.  If you are looking to upload your video to Youtube, then it is a good idea that you select “Computers and HD Display”.  The other options enable you to upload a video to your ipod , smartphone and other similar devices.  The end result is that the file size will vary depending on your selection.  For our purposes,  you need to select “Computers and HD Display”.

Please note you can record time and voice narration.  All other animations and transitions can also be preserved in your video as well. You will want to include these options , in order to effectively create a screencast from your Powerpoint presentation.   If you want to add music, that can be added at a later time , either using your Windows Live Moviemaker software or the video editing tools that Youtube provides.


4.  Finally, click on the “Create A Video” button, which will take you to a dialog box so that you can name your video ( your video will have a .wmv extension) and select where to save it.  Once you have pressed the button and have named your file, you will begin the video conversion process.  This may take a few minutes depending  on how many slides you have in your presentation, the graphics used and any transitions and narration you have included.


5.  The status bar on the lower left hand side of your software window, will indicate that your video is being converted  and when the process is finished.


Once your video is created, you will want to open it in a Windows compatible media player. Remember, Powerpoint 2010 currently offers only one type of video file (.wmv).   If you want to prepare the video for upload to Youtube, you will then need to review and edit it in a video editing software such as Windows Live Movie Maker.  (Please note:  This isn’t the only PC based video editing software available, but it’s a good start in order not to incur any extra expense and get familiar with basic video editing before investing in more expensive software).

While the above steps only walk you through the video conversion process and not the design tips that you might want to keep in mind ( we will address that in a future blog post),  I do want to mention here that there are plenty of good and well designed Powerpoint templates available for free on Microsoft’s site itself.

These templates will give you more options and not constrain you to the boring templates that everybody has seen.  If those do not suit your taste, there are designer templates available on GraphicRiver (affiliate link) for a nominal cost of  under $15.00.

It’s a good idea to take a look at these Powerpoint templates even if you don’t intend to buy, since they offer beautifully designed and visually appealing Powerpoint templates that might inspire your next markeing video.

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