Why You Should Use Youtube to Improve Your Small Business’ Marketing

Since it’s early days as a Youtube-3burgeoning video sharing site, when it was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, (who were all early employees of PayPal), Youtube has shown phenomenol growth.   Shortly after it’s initial startup phase, the domain name “YouTube.com” was activated on February 14, 2005, and the website was developed over the subsequent months.

Needless to say, Youtube has had phenomenal year-to year growth since then and since it’s early days  it’s growth potential and popularity was attractive enough to be purchased by Google in 2006.  Obviously, a lot of this  growth has happened with good reason.  Statistics show that Youtube has, as of this writing,  reached over 200 billion video views per day , uploads over 35 hours of video per minute and Google claims that almost 70 percent of that traffic comes from outside of the United States. Of course, that’s only a drop in the bucket of the site’s amazing stats.

The site has almost single handedly brought all manner of video content to our computer desktops: from funny clips of cute kittens that go viral, to clever entertaining ads, to video clips from the mobile phone cameras taken from fleeing residents of the Japanese tsunami and Haiti earthquake, to instructional tutorials on popular software like Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Photoshop or any number of niche topics.  And much of this video content is available for free and among all those videos, small business marketers are  using this medium to market their business.

In all honesty, I wasn’t always a fan of Youtube, (goes to show you how little I knew) since I was much more impressed by  video sharing sites such as Vimeo  and Revver mostly because of the quality of their video player and their overall community and video content guidelines.  I felt that it would be difficult to compete with all the teenage oriented content  and family videos I seemed to see posted on Youtube, but when large corporations such as Disney and others signed up on Youtube , I took notice.

I put my concerns aside and decided to be my own guinea pig of sorts.  Very often the traditional mindsets or the established way of doing things can get in the way of innovation.  Besides, I was looking for an avenue to increase my online marketing capacity, post to a site that did not have strict guidelines that would impose on the limited time I had for creating videos and would help improve my overall SEO.  So, I felt that I could use the tools that Youtube offered so generously—for free.

I signed up for a Youtube account over a year ago, but did not begin to create and upload videos until May of 2010.  Using Telestream’s Screenflow for the MAC, I created most of the Photoshop video tutorials (most which I have posted on various blog posts) in HD and posted them to my Youtube channel. Youtube stats show that only 10 percent of their video uploads are HD quality.  So, optimized with relevant keywords, I was surprised to see how quickly my videos would end up in the first page on Google for certain search terms and was grateful enough for that exposure. However, it was difficult to consistently create, edit and upload new video, when I already had a 40 to 50 hour work week designing for my clients.   But I am glad I stuck with it.

In the meantime, my Youtube channel views  and video views began to increase at a very steady pace.  In the past few months, and I believe it’s thanks to many of those who have visited this blog that those video views have begun to rack up and I appreciate it.  So, it’s with a great sense of gratitude that I can write that I have been invited into Youtube’s ad revenue sharing program and am looking forward to future blog posts that detail that journey and the tips and tricks I have applied to developing and optimizing my video content and you can do the same for our small business marketing!

Benefits of Using  Youtube as Your Small Business Marketing Channel

  •  People looking for videos are more likely to go to YouTube and do a search. Youtube is a vast search engine in its own right.
  • YouTube videos have a huge audience and get a lot more views than any other video sharing sites.  Vimeo  which is second to Youtube has only 8 percent of the video viewing audience.
  • It’s easy to share YouTube videos across several popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, which creates a lot more links driving people to your videos.  Google has revealed that social mention of your videos boosts your Google rank.  This also allows you to expand and distribute your videos to more sites and expand your audience.
  • When new videos are uploaded, YouTube shares the information with your subscribers.
  • It’s easy to add external links to YouTube that drive people to your various ‘web locations’ online, such as your business website or blog, or other social media sites.

There are certainly more tips and we’ll address those in future blog posts.

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I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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  1. Thanks for this post – I found the stats particularly compelling.The other nice part about YouTube is that it offers some decent ways to track your return on a (small) investment in terms of followers and consumers who subscribe to the channel.

  2. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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