Juggling Work Tasks: The Ups and Downs Of Freelance Work

First the background story…

I have been plugging away at this internet thing for several months (maybe two years in other internet or online projects), and  believe me it requires consistency, consistency, consistency.  Funny thing,  but many of  those pricey internet marketing gurus don’t seem to prepare you for the day that all your hard work starts paying off and your blog starts gaining traction. Okay, I’m not talking rock star blog and visits; but, at least a consistent and growing flow of traffic (and I thank you).Man Juggling Work Tasks

Back a few years ago, I had gone through the labor of creating a static brochure type website, paid for the hosting and posted my content to the internet.  Results?  My website had very few visits,  it was way off the Information Highway so to speak, something like a billboard about a few miles off a desert highway!  Not the kind of way you want to start your internet marketing journey, by any means.  I didn’t realize the number one thing about developing a small business, especially graphic designers (besides the skill and/or product you have to offer)… is that you have to learn how to market it and generate traffic to your website.

I was ready to throw in the towel; however, I started reading and wading through quite a few  “How to Develop Your Blog” type of blogs in order to get a handle on the internet publishing  and marketing ropes.  And it seems some of that advice, at least the advice I have taken the time to implement,  is beginning to pay off.

I posted this to thank all the visitors to my site this past month, I have been busy with other work projects this past month and a half and had neglected my own advice of consistently contributing and developing my blog.  This is the challenge most independent contractors have; the thorny issue of how to address work tasks when balancing customer work with one’s business marketing efforts.   Developing your blog adds a host of publishing tasks and cuts into time you already need to devote to your customers or clients. Oh, well,  “That’s life!” I’ll continue plugging ahead.

Five Tips to Stay on Top of Your Blogging Marketing Tasks

Here are five tips that I think will help you stay on top of your small business marketing (blogging, social media, etc.) as you get busier with customer and client work tasks.

Man Asleep at Computer

  1. Set up a minimum amount of time weekly that you will allocate to specific marketing tasks.
  2. Spread out those tasks over your work week so that you can take advantage of smaller blocks of time.  Small consistent chunks of time are better than completing no work tasks solely because you are waiting for an optimum chunk of time to dedicate to marketing.  Believe me, that big chunk of time rarely surfaces.
  3. Keep a master  list of marketing goals (and tasks to achieve those goals) so that you can refocus on your small business marketing tasks and incorporate them into your daily schedule.
  4. Concentrate more on completing marketing tasks (truly adding useful content) rather than spending too much time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. While these are great marketing tools, you can easily get distracted and waste time “socializing” and not marketing.
  5. Try to prevent work exhaustion.  Make sure you take time off for rest & relaxation.

And so, I will be sweeping off the cobwebs to contribute some additional posts that hopefully you will find informative and  useful.

Once again “Thank You” to those stopping by.

About richmediadp

I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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