5 Video Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Website and Boost Your Traffic

As a small business owner you may not be able to compete with a huge corporation’s marketing budget for brand awareness; however, with new, low-cost and innovative video software tools you can produce low-cost but good quality videos for your target audience that can give you effective results and improve your Google ranking.

Whether the buzz regarding YouTube, and other video sharing sites,  has motivated you to buy a Flip camera or Kodak camera and video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony’s Vegas, (Imovie if you are a MAC owner) you may find yourself stumped as to how you can utilize these tools to promote your website or product. The following are some ideas to get you jump started to produce videos that will engage your customers and boost traffic.

1)  Best Customer Testimonials – With your customer’s permission of course, set up 2 or 3 interviews with your best customers in order to videotape their satisfaction with your product or service. These videos lend a huge amount of credibility, especially if your customers are enthusiastic and convey the benefits that you or your business provides and the solutions you or your business provided.

2) Live Video Stream broadcast – Vpype and Ustream are software companies that are offering their preliminary software for free so that you can utilize live video streaming for your business. These services allow you to provide your customers with real time video experiences they may otherwise be unable to take advantage of due to time or travel constraints. Live videostreaming is especially popular, when you videostream from industry conferences and other events many people do not have access to.

3) Slideshow – There are services such as Animoto, and many competing companies are offering similar services, where they take a customer’s photos, video clips and images and create a slideshow set to music. This type of service is great for a realtor who wants to market a particular property with the best pictures of the interior and exterior of the property with descriptions of the property’s best features for prospective customers.

4) Seminar Preview/Speaking Engagement – If you are a speaker or consultant, this is a great format to produce in order to whet your customer’s appetite and give them a virtual experience of your speaking ability or expertise.

5) Interview – Customers love interviews with subject matter experts that enhance or add to what they are already purchasing from your business. For example, if you are a web programmer, and you set up an interview with a good copywriter to discuss developing website content, and then post it on your blog or website, you are providing added value for your customers that your competition isn’t doing.

Hopefully, this list will get you motivated to get started in producing videos that will improve your marketing and increase your small business’ brand just like the “big boys’ do!

About richmediadp

I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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