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Business Card Design for Media Business With Social Media Icons

Business Card With Social Media Icons

In a separate post Design Your New Business Card With Social Media Icons, I have suggested that more and more businesses are including social media icons on their business cards.  Including these social icons of the social networks you most use, lets your prospective customer or client know that social networking is a communication tool that is part of your marketing mix.

This is one of my concept designs stored on my Photobucket design portfolio.

Adobe Photoshop CS5:How to Animate a Gif Banner

A simple interactive banner ad can be made with a gif animation.  I’ve included my video tutorial  that covers how to animate a gif banner ad and the full transcript is provided below.


Hi, this is Richard from Rich Media Design Productions and I’m going to be showing you how to animate a gif banner using Photoshop CS5.

Now Photoshop Cs5 isn’t the only version that has animation so if you have CS2 you should be able to find the same animation features as in CS5.

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