Boost Conversion Rates And Promote Your Website With Video Interactive Banner Ads

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Most small businesses are familiar with short corporate video ads but with the release of the iPad and Android phones there is a whole new breed of video advertising technologies that can be used to extend a company’s ad campaign on the web and mobile phones. And, the reason that these ads are a hot new format is that they deliver results beyond the traditional one percent return on investment and initial studies show that these types of ads improve conversion rates to eight percent (conservatively)! Examples of these companies that are on the ‘bleeding edge” of these types of video technologies or rich media ads are Veeple, Innovid IRolls or Mixpo.

Veeple makes anything in a video ad clickable by adding clickable elements to regular video through overlays that will make the video ad interactive and will allow the customer to rollover these elements to access related information, additional websites or special offers. These features allow the customer to view the video and click on the elements of interest within the video that is important to that particular customer and yet remain in the background unobtrusively. Unlike pop-up banner ads or static banner ads, the viewer has more control as to how they want to interact with the video. These three companies have great examples of how their technologies work and who their markets are; however, Innovid IRolls offers an excellent gallery of their interactive video ads for big name corporations and how these interactive video ads function providing great examples of how a music group, non-profit, and product advertisers can use these technologies. These sites are worthy of reviewing just to see where these technologies are heading, how they function and how this interactivity can enhance any video for your product or service.

Videos can now be created with buy buttons with Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5 which provides this interactive technology without having to work with software code; of course, a great boon to graphic and web designers. It’s important to mention though, that there is a battle going on as to who will be the top dog in providing this interactive video functionality. Most tech geeks and industry watchers are watching the battle play out between Apple’s promotion of HTML5 and Adobe’s promotion of their Flash software and functionality.

Even though the war will wage on, it should not discourage any small business owner to evaluate and get a clear idea of how dynamic and effective these video interactive ads can be even if it only means incorporating only the basic elements of video interactivity such as buy buttons, weblinks, flash elements and call-to-action buttons.

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I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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