Design Your New Business Card With Social Media Icons

Business Card Design with Social Media Icons

With the use of Twitter, Linked In, Facebook  and other social media applications on the rise, small business owners are beginning to reconsider the traditional business card design and opting for designs that include their social media links.  Some techie oriented entrepreneurs are even foregoing hard copy cardstock business cards altogether in favor of virtual business cards.  Regardless of what you decide to choose it is advisable to include your social media links in your business card design especially if it is the way you market your business.

Even if you opt for the virtual card design, it still might be a good idea to have a basic hard copy version of your business card and consider including social media links in your business card or you can choose to have both.

There are many entrepreneurs or business owners who are actively using their social media networks like Twitter, Linked In, Youtube to market their small businesses and as their main content tools.  They are either solo professionals or business owners who conduct their business solely online and don’t have a “brick & mortar “business or physical location that their customers or clients need to go to.  So, these business owners  have less of a need to include the address of their location and choose to emphasize their social network contact information.  For the truly techie business owner, other small business owners are beginning to request QR codes (2 dimensional bar codes) included in the graphic design of their business card.

As for which social network to choose, here is where you need to be selective as to what social media network to include.  With so much information already competing for space on a standard sized business card you might want to include the top one to three social media networks that you are active in.  Or you can just list one social media network if that defines the way you work.    Regardless, make sure you do include social media icons as they  are highly recognizable graphic elements and can only enhance the final design of your business card as well as show off your social media marketing prowess!

About richmediadp

I'm a freelance graphic designer working out of Orange County, CA - USA. I work with small and mid sized companies to develop creative solutions for their design problems from print collateral to online graphics.

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